Text 18 Aug

I killed him. That makes Him happy so I am happy.

Text 30 Apr I’m back, I guess …

I found this blog. I told my friend that I have a tumblr but I hadn’t used it in ages. She convinced me to go back and I found this blog. I honestly have no memory of writing any of this. Bits and pieces come back as I read through this but it all feels like someone else wrote this. Some facts remain in my memory which now make more sense while others remain a mystery.
Maybe I should talk to my therapist about this.

Text 18 Jun Found another message

It was drawn on a small cue card.

All it said was:


Then I lost it. It was in my pocket and I intended to scan and publish it but it is gone.

Text 18 Jun Something is outside, I can hear footsteps.

4 at a time.Maybe an animal. I got a random feeling od dread and then I started hearingi t. I am too scared to look, it feels like death is near.

Photo 15 May 7 notes The message I received…

The message I received…

Text 15 May 2 notes I don’t know why these posts were deleted but they were.

1| I’ve got a throat infection or something. I keep coughing up really thick phlegm or it’s a dry cough.

2| I coughed up blood. I was coughing and all of a sudden I kinda threw up some blood as I coughed. I didn’t even feel it coming up. Going to the doctor tomorrow.

3| Went to see the doctor. She told me that I don’t seem to have a throat infection. I told her my shoulder was still sore (the one that he touched me on, it came back and hurts intermittently) and I was always tired so she scheduled blood tests and an xray.

4| I got my blood taken, it was really dark red, the nurse seemed surprised but said it was nothing to worry about. I also gave a urine sample she tested there and then which was fine. I got an xray later too, I’ll have the results from them all in a week.

5| I feel terrible today, like I didn’t sleep but I think I got to sleep at around 11ish last night. I have a raging headache and I feel hot. I feel queasy too. My mind is foggy, it took me three goes to write this.

6| I slept all day today, I don’t know why, I think I got like 18 hours sleep which is ridiculous. I’m starving, I’m gonna get some sausages and rashers, maybe an egg too.

7| I got my blood tests and xray results back. All seem normal, I don’t have a fracture or cancer which is great. My bloods were fantastic according to my doctor. I actually have really high iron which they were worried about because of my tiredness. But there is no problem there. I’m still coughing though and sometimes get dizzy spells.

8| I passed out today, I was outside having a smoke and passsed out in the chair. I only woke when it started to rain on me.

9| I’m having really vivid dreams. They are semi-lucid and totally realistic. I’ll post more about them if I can remember more details.

These are some of the posts I lost, they all seem normal so I dunno why they disappeared. I got a message too that I dunno how to publish here so I guess I’ll take a screenshot and post that instead.

Stay tuned.

Text 11 May 1 note Before I start reposting things, this just happened

I went to the toilet. As I was doing my business I noticed something like trees casting a shadow on the window, moving over the glass. The weird thing is, there is no trees near thaat window. I closed all my windows. I am scared now. I don’t think it is Him. I’ve heard about this Rake monster, I hope it’s not it, that thing just killls.

Text 11 May All of my posts have been disappearing so I change my password

Hopefully it will stop. I will repost the stuff I have, a lot of it is recorded on my laptop, phone or in a notepad.

Text 31 Mar 1 note Some stupid weird things

A couple of weird things happened to me this week.

The audio I had is now all static, despite being clear a few days ago.

My alarm woke me at 10.30 today. I sat up, stretched and checked my phone. It was 11am. I did not fall asleep or anything.

Then the power went out for no reason.

Then when it was 11.35 I was checking todays news and when I was done I looked at the clock. It was still 11.35…

Am I going crazy?

Text 22 Mar Found a weird audio file on my laptop.

It was labelled with a date.

I guess I recorded my room when I slept or something.

There is several hours of silence but a few really weird things on it.

I’ll edit it tomorrow when I have time and upload it.

I need to sleep but this has freaked me out.

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